At a function held to showcase and taste Gippsland Natural Meat products on 10th July 2014, the Davie family announced that their beef property Bimbadeen was now Carbon Neutral.
The event was held at Melbourne and Olympic Parks, Rod Laver Function Centre.
Gippsland Natural Meats supply product to the Australian Open Tennis and other functions.
Bimbadeen is proud to supply Enviromeat to Gippsland Natural for the events.
Bimbadeen now has in excess of 200 tonnes per hectare of Total Carbon sequestered under their plan submitted to the CFI Carbon Futures Initiative Positive List.

2020 Bimbadeen Bull Semen Sale

View the video on Bimbadeen Cattle - in English.

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Why our stud cattle are unique:

•  High growth rates
•  Enhanced yields
•  World wide delivery (subject to protocols)
•  Meat of documented quality with outstanding tenderness, feed efficiency and excellent marbling characteristics (GeneStar DNA Test Scores)
•  Superior Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs - Angus & Brangus Group Breedplan)
•  Genetic selection, combination and refinement of two superior breeds: Angus and Brahman
•  Outright winners of Domestic, Korean and Japanese Export awards.
•  The cattle are certified as being free range and raised without growth hormones or anti-biotics. Bimbadeen has been accredited as an Environmental Managed System  [ ISO 140001 Compliant] which enables it to sell Enviromeat Beef at selected retail outlets.
• The breeders have a strong commitment to responsible environmental management and improvement of biodiversity. This commitment is outlined in our Environment Policy. The Davie's commitment was recognised with the State of Victoria's 2005 Landcare Primary Producer Award.

Cattle in paddock

Purpose bred cattle for exceptional meat quality and super efficient reliability, designed to yield much more for less in demanding climatic conditions throughout the world.

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Anne & Bob were host to a very successful field day on May 12th where approximately 100 farmers were shown how they have managed to reduce their carbon footprint.

Anne & Bob have been involved in a study by the DPI - FUTURE FARMING: Farmers Taking Action on Climate Change

"Tackling climate through collaboration" - Anne & Bob Davie - A Case Study

Case study 1.6 - A changing climate and the need to improve water use efficiency has driven an innovative collaboration of minds in the Western Port region of Victoria. Searching for sustainable and profitable on-farm solutions to the climate change and emissions challenge, the project is turning heads for all the right reasons. Anne and Bob Davie are beef farmers from Phillip Island and have been enthusiastically involved and are now one of the leading businesses in the program.

Download the Bimbadeen Brangus Marketing Brochure

Download the Bimbadeen Brangus Marketing Brochure in INDONESIAN

Bimbadeens Enviromeat

Bimbadeen's Enviromeat Display at Taste of Melbourne at Rod Laver Function Centre with Bob Davie (top r), Mark Roney (middle) and Chef preparing the meat.

Bob Davie with chef preparing Enviromeat
Mark Roney from Bimbadeen displays Enviromeat
Chef prepares Bimbadeen's Enviromeat Bimbadeen's Enviromeat
Enviromeat Notice
Bimbadeen Carcase

Young Angus Bull

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